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Meet some of our team who will look after you pre and post sales

When it comes to business communications, you need a company you can trust. This is where we come in.

The magic happens through our ethos of knowing our users, what motivates you, your environment and in what ways you use and benefit from your telephony & internet connectivity. We are proud of our culture, we have a happy and motivated team who do what they love, we enjoy the relationships and projects that form our everyday and nothing beats seeing the solution working its magic and transforming businesses nationwide. 

We want to know what makes you tick, so we’ve revealed a little about our team too!

Natasha Wyatt

Provisioning Manager

10th year here and with a specialism in service delivery and project management within Telecoms, Natasha is the organisational genius behind our award-winning service reputation. When she hasn’t got the reigns at Voip HQ, she's galloping around the country on her beloved horses - we're not jealous at all!

Rich Binning

Richard Binning

Account Manager

After working in IT & Telecoms for 13 years, Richard sees through the fog and bounces off finding healthy solutions for his loved clients. However, in his lunch break the healthy solutions stop, its most likely you will find him in Burger King... or some sort of fast food restaurant - where does he put it all?!


Jamie Shergold

Account Manager

Jamie's logistical approach to Telecoms and IT is a skill which only comes from his years in the business. Our Mr-Dry-Sense Of-Humour has us all in stitches here, but as a Centurion Ultra runner, Jamie never gets stitches himself - please don't ask us to be running buddies!

Rob Crook

Rob Crook

Account Manager

With his ten year anniversary fast approaching, Rob has developed projects which transform businesses for nearly a decade. Just remember though, you only need to say 'pasty' and Rob is instantly distracted, you can take the man out of Cornwall, but you can't take the Cornwall out of the man!

Jade Yarham

Marketing Manager

With exceptional creative management skills, Chartered under her belt and specialism in Tech space Marketing, Jade has tactically propelled us into new heights. When she's not helping us make sense of Tech, she's helping her Sausage dog on her Paddleboard for a cruise around the South coast seas- please keep bringing him in for cuddles!


Mark Pillow

Managing Director

Mark and his co-founder Adrian built our foundations on challenging the industry, both once Aviation IT Engineers they've stuck with 'if it won't fly people die' perfectionism. Our Mr Fix It never fails to find a solution & can out-geek the best - we challenge you to take him on! (Tip: just talk about F1 or cats and he'll be totally distracted)

Adrian Egginton

Adrian Egginton

Technical Director

Adrian shapes, builds and delivers the technical support services and with supreme technical skills, quickly established Voip Unlimited’s renowned reputation for innovatively delivering some of the most complex IT solutions. Adrian’s tuition and team management, holds the backbone to the fast-growth of the business as word soon travelled in the channel about the reliable ITSP with true capabilities and consistent delivery, on each and every project.


James Young

Business Development Manager - Telecom Sales

15 years in the cloud tech space James is our Resident 'Mr Cloud Pro' - he's basically the bees knees and helps keep our conversation two-way so we're always the best fit for the widest range of business goals. Outside the workplace, an avid cricket player and ECB qualified scorer. Best bit, he collects fine wine from around the world! Yum!

Case Studies


Voip Unlimited, the Voip Exchange Creator & honest reliable network provider to F1 teams and Government

With outstanding organic growth and our own private network built from the ground, Voip Unlimited who created ‘the cloud platform for people’ continually improve products and services, in turn becoming a more valuable supplier to you, our priority.



Founded Voip Unlimited & acquired UK IP network



Began selling Ethernet connectivity solutions



Successfully completed the first UK Voip to Geo WLR number port



First Formula One customer brought on board



Colocated into one of BT exchanges



Moved to larger business premises



Laid first private fibre



Celebrated 10 year anniversary



Airwave connectivity launched



Cloud voice solution Voip Exchange launched to public



Launch of VU Guard DDoS Mitigation service

Our Network

The difference between repacked and pricey really does come down to the core

Voip Unlimited, reputable Internet Telephony Services Provider, own Voip Exchange. This is not because we bought it or have a partnership with a cloud provider and resell it, this is because we built it, from the ground up, with modern businesses in mind. This means we also had the advantage of building it on our network (which we also built) which is optimised for Voice. 

Effectively this means the little sound-waves (or ‘packets’ to our geek guru’s), are prioritised over our network and so it uses your internet connection really cleverly to ensure even if you have a small connection or are out in the sticks, with Voip Exchange you’ll be as clear as if you were in central London. 

By owning our own network, this also means we expertly provide internet connectivity too, whether this be Broadband or private leased lines or larger MPLS networks and Fraud mitigation – we can do it all, just give us a call! 

Voip unlimited network core

The proof is in the pudding, and we take pudding very seriously

Voip Unlimited take pride in achieving certifications to the highest standards. This is in order to provide our customers and partners with the best quality of services. These standards are maintained with frequent surveillance audits by the certification body, QMSUK.

We consistently demonstrate our ability to follow information security at its best practise and provide services that meet regulatory requirements. Therefore, pledging our commitment to keeping our partners and end clients protected whilst using our network.

Basically, we do all the hard work in ensuring your data is secure so you don’t need to worry! 

ISO accreditation awards Voip Unlimited

ISO Accreditations

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for ‘Quality Management Systems’, used by over 1 million companies, worldwide.

Voip Unlimited achieved certification for quality management systems in 2013; and have maintained that status with annual audits by the certification body QMSUK through to the latest version of the standard.

ISO 27001

The ISO 27001 standard provides the framework for an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Following a detailed assessment of our policies, procedures (legal, physical and technical) and controls for robust IT security management, Voip Unlimited have achieved certification to the most recent version of the standard.

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