Who is Cloud Telephony perfect for?

Undoubtedly, over the last few years, Cloud has been the trendy buzz word in the news of tech. With less dread over security and more clarity, people are gradually realising that Hosted solutions offer peace of mind. So, who is Cloud Telephony perfect for? Well, the good thing about Cloud Solutions is that it can be widely used by a diversity of businesses. 

If you are Considering the switch from the soon to be inactive ISDN and PSTN networks, take a look below to see if a Cloud Telephony Solution could be the best fit for your business.

who is cloud perfect for?

Businesses who require flexibility for remote workers

Businesses who need transparency and full control over their own system through a web portal

Those who need a Disaster Recovery plan

Those looking to future-proof their systems and avoid the bottleneck when ISDN is withdrawn in 2025

Perfect for multiple site organisations requiring 1 system

Businesses that require analytics & real time reporting

Organisations who need flexible pricing

Businesses who want to increase staff productivity with an easy-to-use system

Still unsure?

Prefer an on-site solution

Looking for an internet only solution

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