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Over 20 powerful features & benefits to power your business communications

Powered by Voip Unlimited, the Voip Exchange Cloud Telephony platform supports a multitude of features and benefits. Take a look at the list of Voip Exchange features and benefits below to see if our solution is the best fit for your business.

  • Competitive Seat Charge icon

    Competitive Seat Charge

    Low fees allow you to forecast a telephony spend and factor into your business model accordingly.

  • Bundled minutes icon

    Bundled minutes

    2000 Geographic (01, 02 & 03 numbers) minutes + 1000 mobile minutes (07 numbers). That’s £70 worth of calls for just £3.50 per month.

  • Android/IOS icon

    Android/IOS app

    You can add mobile phones to your telephony system making it easier to manage your entire mobile work force, and manage remotely.

  • Easy to use portal icon

    Easy to use portal

    At the heart of Voip Exchange is the intuitive portal where you can manage every feature of your cloud phone system.

  • Management icon

    Management of users within sites and departments

    Voip Exchange allows Admins to manage User settings across all sites and departments placing the control in your hands.

  • call functions icon

    On-the-fly changing of DDIs and handsets for users and call functions

    Staff changes, direct dials & new users can be changed instantaneously meaning no more missed calls.

  • music icon

    Free on hold music

    Professional on hold music is provided with Voip Exchange or you can choose to enhance callers time and convert audio into valuable marketing opportunities.

  • SMS icon

    SMS from the portal

    Confirming appointments and messaging remote staff can be professionally done all from the platform.

  • Messenger icon

    Instant Messenger

    Contact anyone in your phone system without requiring external applications.

  • Highly customisable multi level Auto Attendants

    Give your company a professional feel with an Auto Attendant that directs callers to the correct department or extension by simply uploading any .wav file to the portal.

  • Time of Day routing icon

    Time of Day routing

    Have your phone systems reflect your office hours by attaching customisable open & closed times on any feature within your phone system.

  • Conference Rooms

    Free Conference Rooms

    With Voip Exchange your business can have conference rooms for up to 5 users, making business calls & collaboration easier. Need more than 5 users per conference room? Ask us about our competitive upgraded option.

  • Visual flow diagram for each number, showing full potential caller journey through call functions

    Your telephony system is automatically mapped out within a visual flow to better help you visualise all potential call routes across your organisation.

  • custom reports icon

    Call Statistics & custom reports

    With visibility of live advanced call statistics your business could take advantage of call patterns, behaviour and performance enabling you to make smart business decisions and even track marketing campaigns.

  • Call Recording icon

    Call Recording

    Easily manage, store and archive calls. Call recording can assist in training, protecting yourself and clients as well as monitoring staff performance. Listening is easy with integrated software.

  • Softphone icon

    Web Phone

    Remote workers are the main beneficiary for this feature as instead of using a handset they can simply use any PC to make calls.

  • Click to Dial icon

    Click to Dial

    Removes the need for manual dialling from handsets, click to dial enables users to simply click a phone number found within the browser and the handset will start the call.

  • Voicemail icon

    Customisable Voicemail

    Easily record & upload personal voicemail messages.

  • Caller ID icon

    Customisable Outbound Caller ID

    Users can anonymise or select any authorised number from your list of numbers assigned to your account.

  • Bulk User Upload icon

    Bulk User Upload

    Easily upload all user information to your new telephony system by simply uploading a CSV within the portal.

  • features-icon-20

    Reception Console

    With a visual display of all team members availability, a simple drag and drop can transfer a call to the right person.

  • User Availability icon

    User Availability light/ Presence

    See users live telephone status, whether their line is busy or available or assist should they have incoming calls.

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