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Voip Unlimited take pride in achieving certifications to the highest standards. This is in order to provide our customers and partners with the best quality of services. These standards are maintained with frequent surveillance audits by the certification body, QMSUK.

We consistently demonstrate our ability to follow information security at its best practise and provide services that meet regulatory requirements. Therefore, pledging our commitment to keeping our partners and end clients protected whilst using our network.

Basically, we do all the hard work in ensuring your data is secure so you don’t need to worry! 

ISO accreditation awards Voip Unlimited

ISO Accreditations

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for ‘Quality Management Systems’, used by over 1 million companies, worldwide.

VU achieved certification for quality management systems in 2013; and have maintained that status with annual audits by the certification body QMSUK through to the latest version of the standard.

ISO 27001

The ISO 27001 standard provides the framework for an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Following a detailed assessment of our policies, procedures (legal, physical and technical) and controls for robust IT security management, Voip Unlimited have achieved certification to the most recent version of the standard.

Voip Unlimited

“At Voip Unlimited we want to achieve balance between providing commendable services and making sure they’re secure. Attaining the ISO 27001 and 9001 Accreditations essentially reflects the company’s direction towards online security. Our end clients, whether direct or through VU’s extensive channel partner network, can be reassured that their data and daily business workings are protected.”

Mark P

Managing Director of Voip Unlimited


Extra Mile Award

Winner: Voip Unlimited

Kimmeridge is a small rural village on the Jurrassic coast of Dorset, renowned for its ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, however not for its communications infrastructure.

When a lack of broadband speed threatened to leave the residents and newly built state-of-the-art fossil museum in the Stone Age, Voip Unlimited came to the rescue. Due to our special efforts with providing such a remote area with fast speed broadband connections, and a camouflaging service for the dishes installed on the residential property chimneys, in 2016, we were awarded the Extra Mile Award by cable.co.uk.


Finalist for Best Business ITSP (£2m-£10m): Voip Unlimited

In 2018, we were successful in being named as a Finalist for the category of Best Business Internet Telephony Service Provider (£2m-£10m). 

With the ITSPA body now recognising our strength in the Communications industry, we are proving why our network’s prestige has been a favourite amongst selective industries such as Formula 1™ through to Educational institutes and SME’s.

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