Do I need an internet connection for Hosted Voice?

Yes, you do need an internet connection for Hosted Voice. As Cloud Telephony works over an internet connection, a capable connection is necessary in order for the system to work successfully.

Whilst a larger connection never harmed anyone, Voice calls actually only use up 75Kb per call. Consequently, if there is an office where 10 people are on hosted calls simultaneously, that would only use 1Mb of internet bandwidth which would hardly even touch the sides on most business connections.

The key with connectivity is to ensure it is stable, with low delay before a transfer of data begins and a good chance of success.

Depending on the size and type of business you are running, there are several internet & broadband options available. Both Broadband and Hosted Voice work hand in hand as a duo to deliver a service that just works. Without connection, Hosted Voice simply cannot function as the pair are needed together to be able to provide the service. As a result, the slower your internet connection is, the slower your Cloud Service will work. Therefore, to get the best out your Cloud Telephony system, it’s worth investing in a strong internet solution.


internet connection for hosted voice

Need a capable Internet connection for your hosted voice solution?

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