What is Cloud Telephony?

Also referred to as Hosted Voice, Cloud Telephony is where a provider controls and hosts a business’ phone system through a private data centre. Or, in other words, a home for IT hardware which doesn’t require maintenance.

Cloud Telephony allows organisations to operate without any ties to physical location. This is due to it being an internet-based service, meaning it works over an internet connection. Effectively, Hosted Voice provides a voice connection across the internet rather than a traditional copper telephone wire. As a result, you are free from the hassles of wired connectivity and can expand voice proficiency into wireless and mobile data zones too.

what is cloud telephony?

Additionally, this method of communication also stretches to multiple devices, so you no longer have to be restricted to one phone. By being able to access calls through your laptop, computer, mobile device, softphone or even webphone, there is no longer the feel of constraint on business communications. Wherever you are in the world, you can access the Cloud, as long as you have a capable Internet connection. This new freedom enables the stretch from inside the office to the outside world. Businesses now have the flexibility of remote working and can create their opportunity to thrive.

As well as this, many forget that the out-dated forms of communication, such as ISDN and PSTN, will no longer be available by 2025. With time running out before these networks are switched off, Hosted voice provides a fall-back solution to future-proof organisations and avoid the downtime of their operations.This in turn saves organisations from the loss of money as well as reputation, due to being unreachable by phone. 

So why not join all the other businesses ready to make the next move towards Cloud Telephony?

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