Our Core Network

The difference between repacked and pricey really does come down to the core

Voip Unlimited, reputable Internet Telephony Services Provider, own Voip Exchange. This is not because we bought it or have a partnership with a cloud provider and resell it, this is because we built it, from the ground up, with modern businesses in mind. This means we also had the advantage of building it on our very own network, which is optimised for Voice

Effectively this means the little sound-waves (or ‘packets’ to our geek guru’s), are prioritised over our Voip Unlimited network. Therefore, it uses your internet connection really cleverly to ensure even if you have a small connection or are out in the sticks, with Voip Exchange you’ll be as clear as if you were in central London. 

By owning our own network, we expertly provide a multitude of other services and internet connectivity too. Whether this be Broadband, private leased lines, larger MPLS networks or Fraud mitigation – we can do it all!

Voip unlimited network core

Voip Exchange

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