Why businesses use Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony is one of today’s forefront methods of communication. With the internet becoming the most utilised method of data and voice transmission, computing resources are necessary in order to not fall behind as the world of tech advances. But whats with all the chatter? Why are more businesses using cloud telephony? 

Why do businesses use Cloud Telephony?

The use of cloud solutions in business is to provide continuous, stable, flexible, durable and affordable solutions which manage and run an organisation efficiently and successfully.

Consumer versions of Cloud Telephony you may have heard of are Skype, Facebook, Messenger, Facetime, etc. However, whilst these are great for family and friends catch-ups, they do not scale reliably enough. Especially for business operations which require larger and more feature-rich solutions to maintain a close relationship with customers and colleagues.

The demand for such product continues to increase as we approach the retirement of the old-fashioned legacy technologies ISDN and PSTN. Due to these standardised methods of voice communication (ISDN & PSTN) being phased out in 2025, businesses are searching for a new solution which supports their telephony and communication needs.

Why businesses use cloud telephony
why is hosted voice popular

Why is Hosted Voice Popular?

Hosted Voice is vastly becoming popular as a business telephony solution, where all features can be found under one phone system, within the cloud. What’s more, it offers a cheaper alternative for those who want don’t want to break the bank.

Running business telecoms with a Hosted Voice system lowers your expenditure as there is little to no maintenance required. As everything is hosted within the Cloud, everything is managed externally instead of needing multiple network services providers, you pay only for the service used.

Moreover, many businesses have moved to the cloud as it allows a stronger degree of control, accessibility, flexibility and visibility. All important aspects which contribute to building and enhancing customer relationships and a strong business infrastructure. Organisations can forecast finances and employee efficiency more as there are features like call statistics, reporting, call recording, on hold, where you never have to miss a call again.

Is Cloud Telephony right for my business?

If your business is looking to make long-term savings with an agile telephony solution, then why not try Voip Exchange? Give your business the premium features and tools to grow and become successful and watch it broaden your communication capabilities!

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