Tolman Motorsport speed through the ranks with Voip Exchange

After spending 12 years working within professional Motorsport, Christopher Tolman founded the Warwickshire- based team in 2007 to compete in the British GT Series. Tolman Motorsport has since become a pioneering engineering company.

The Challenge

The team was spending a lot of its time sorting out IT and Telecommunication issues which could have been spent on car efficiencies or team development. Due to the lack of capable communications from the office and race trucks, this caused a lot of frustration for the staff.


With approximately 1000 engineering hours to every minute on the racetrack, a huge amount of Tolman Motorsport’s work, which their place and performance depends on, happens off the track. The engineering team deserved the quality of excellence in telecommunications to push them forward in the world of motorsport and free the full potential of the cars.

The Solution

Having become an official supplier of the Tolman Motorsport, Voip Unlimited partner and trustworthy IT managed services provider, Net Primates, identified the Voip Exchange Cloud Telephony Platform as the perfect solution.

The Cloud platform, Voip Exchange, would allow Tolman Motorsport to have a reliable, feature rich telephony system so that they could continue to make developments within their team efficiently, from their garage & each track around the UK.

The Results

With Net Primates and the Voip Exchange Cloud Telephony Solution freeing them from the outdated constraints of unreliable business communications, Christopher Tolman, owner of Tolman motorsport and his staff can now spend 100% of their time running the motorsport team and doing what they love every day. With the Voip Exchange Cloud Telephony Solution, the team receives the support and attention needed as they continually improve instead of firefighting.

The calibre of technology they are now receiving is finally up to speed with their league. When considering an industry where every second counts, each element needs to be a level playing field, or at least to their advantage and that stems from where most of the work is done, which in the case of Tolman Motorsport is the garage, unit, race trucks and office. As a result, Voip Exchange is the perfect solution for the business as it enables the flexibility of having an office anywhere, on the go.

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“To work with a company that has given me the gift of freedom and time back to focus on my team rather than IT is good enough for me, but to gain a partnership is just the cherry on top! Net Primates delivered exactly as they said they would, and we would not be where we are now without the solutions they have provided for us. Voip Exchange is a game changer.”

Christopher Tolman

Owner of Tolman Motorsport

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“Working with Voip Unlimited has simplified our business. Our reputation is on the line so we can sleep well at night knowing Voip Exchange is reliable and supporting the daily running’s for a team in such a competitive industry. Getting Voip Exchange accredited was also free so we are delighted to have another great solution in our portfolio that we can upgrade clients onto.”

Steve Cole

Director of Net Primates

“Since installing our Voip Exchange Solution for Tolman Motorsport, the team have been able to focus on what they’re all about, Racing. Having seen directly the multitude of benefits Voip Exchange brings to businesses, fellow channel partner, Net Primates, can rest assured that Tolman Motorsport will be very well looked after.”
Mark Pillow
Managing Director of Voip Unlimited

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