Blandford Office Furniture turns to Voip Unlimited for trustworthy Cloud Telephony services

Operating since 1990, Blandford Office Furniture is a family run business which supplies quality and cost-effective furniture to businesses and home users. After almost 3 decades in the industry, Blandford Office Furniture has gained an excellent reputation throughout Dorset and other localities. Moreover, they continue to deliver high quality services and after sales care for their customers.

The Challenge

Blandford Office Furniture had an old and outdated ISDN line with only a single connected handset which was featureless. One handset simply wasn’t enough to complete the daily internal and external communications of their business. Multiple handsets were also required across their showroom and office as the company was expanding.

In addition, BT had already announced their intentions to switch off the ISDN and PSTN networks by 2025 and transfer all customers over to the IP networks. As a result, Blandford Office Furniture needed to future proof their business with a capable solution as the ISDN structure could no longer meet the volume or demand required.

The Solution

The customers old telephone system had little to no features. Therefore, they needed a more flexible solution which matched the quality of their furniture.

Blandford Office Furniture had supplied and installed new furniture across the Voip Unlimited offices and had seen first-hand the benefits Voip Exchange would bring to their business.

Voip Unlimited’s Technical Team assisted with the initial set-up of the handsets. Much of this is automated through the Voip Unlimited auto-provisioning services. However, Engineers were on hand to assist with and answer any questions. Once installed, Blandford Office Furniture were able to control their phone system through the Voip Exchange easy to use online portal.

The Results

Having come to Voip Unlimited first as a supplier for office furniture, Blandford Office Furniture have now been using Voip Exchange for approximately 10 months. 

Going hosted with Voip Exchange has offered the business more control and flexibility. Blandford Office Furniture can now finally benefit from a fully able and functioning phone system. With features such as: call statistics, time of day routing, instant messaging, wireless setup and the ability to call twin if staff or management are required to leave the premises. 

These are just a handful of the Voip Exchange features which all come under a low-cost seat charge, and have helped this furniture company make more calls and offer a continually improved customer service.

“What originally started as Blandford Office Furniture supplying goods for Voip Unlimited’s workplace, became a reciprocal business relationship. Voip unlimited helped us finally gain a telephony solution that is up to scratch and reliable long-term. We are so grateful for Voip Exchange, which has allowed us to maintain a trustworthy communications structure as our business continues to grow. The features of the cloud solution are extremely beneficial to our workers.”

Ian Cooper

Managing Director of Blandford Office Furniture

“Voip Exchange is making business easier for a company I think very highly of; we have given them a modern and feature-rich phone system which improves their employee and clientele experience. As a family-run business, I’m pleased to see this help them competitively. Our new office furniture is great too!”
Mark Pillow
Managing Director of Voip Unlimited

Voip Exchange

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