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Simply put, Hosted voice, also known as Cloud Telephony, is an off premise phone system hosted within the cloud. Delivered over an internet connection, hosted voice enables users to make and receive phone calls with reduced hassle and more control over their internal and external communications.

Organisations are choosing hosted voice as a way of future proofing their business, ahead of the ISDN withdrawal in 2025. At low cost, Hosted Telephony requires little to no capital expenditure and offers a more flexible, easy to use, modern solution to a business’s communications needs.

No, as Hosted Voice is managed and run through the cloud as opposed to your office, there are no additional fees to pay for.

If there is no porting of numbers involved, Voip Exchange can be set up within 24 hours. All you have to wait for is the handsets which, as long as ordered and processed by 3pm should arrive the next working day.

Yes, Voip Exchange can be accessed anywhere and at any time as long as you have a capable internet connection. This flexibility is perfect for those working remotely, travelling or even on holiday.

After purchasing the Voip Exchange Cloud Solution, you will be sent a welcome pack with further instructions and support to help answer any queries and get you started. 

A capable internet connection is needed and strongly advised in order for your hosted phone system to work to the best of its capabilities. If your internet connection isn’t strong enough, there’s no need to worry, we also provide business data solutions which work perfectly alongside our Voip Exchange Hosted product.

Yes, you can transfer existing numbers through a porting process.

Yes, upon purchase we have admin and user guides to cover all the features you need to know.

With Voip Exchange you can have as many extensions as you like across multiple sites.

No, receiving calls through Voip Exchange is free of charge so you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees.

Yes, we offer a Voip Exchange demo account which, on approval, will show you the basic features of our product.

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